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Daffodils Flowers.....

 Our daffodil flower season starts in the New Year with the indoor forced crop, sold with leaves.  As the Cornish crop begins in mid January, supplies of outdoor flowers without leaf start to increase.  Flower picking continues with the Lincolnshire, Norfolk and Scottish crops following on in succession.  This range of geographical locations enables us to supply flowers through to the end of April.


 If you are a grower and would like to supply us, please contact us.


 Daffodil flowers can be supplied to our customers in cardboard trays in standard counts, or packed to your own requirements.  They can be supplied to you on either standard pallets, Euro pallets, or Danish trollies.  All our export daffodils travel in temperature controlled transport, and for Holland, flower can usually be delivered next day.


 If you would like us to quote for your daffodil flowers, then please contact us.

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